Our Company

Our Company

DeClerk LP Gas has been the premier provider for propane gas in Northeast Arkansas since 1938. We’ve provided energy for several homes and businesses throughout the areas we service. Throughout history, we’ve been proud to not only provide energy for our customers, but to be very involved in promoting the communities we serve.

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Our History

The History of DeClerk PropaneThe DeClerk LP Gas Company traces its founding all the way back to 1938 when rothers, A.C. (Ollie) DeClerk and Paul DeClerk, worked as an accountant and salesman, respectively, in Pocahontas, AR for a local appliance store. Soon thereafter, their entrepreneurial spirit took charge. They secured the local franchise for Electrolux kerosene refrigerators and began selling them in the Pocahontas and surrounding communities.

The DeClerk and DeClerk partnership had begun. After a short period a Little Rock salesman showed them how to convert the kerosene operating system to butane. Along with other butane burning appliances the DeClerk brothers began selling and installing underground butane tanks and making butane truck deliveries to their growing number of customers.

Butane gas gave way to propane in the years that followed because of propane’s greater ease of handling. In the early 1970’s three of Ollie’s sons went to work for him; and today his son Bill owns and operates the company under the name of DeClerk LP Gas.